We appreciate that trying to understand how legal costs are calculated can be quite complex. From the outset we are clear and upfront about costs so you know what to expect without any surprises along the way.

We have a range of funding arrangements and options to suit you which your solicitor will discuss with you as follows:

- How we calculate our fees
- The likely costs and cost estimate involved to prepare and conclude your case
- Any additional costs that may be incurred such as disbursements, application fees, Court fees, translation fees etc
- Any costs that may be recoverable from, or payable by you to the other party.

Depending on your matter we may offer the following funding arrangements:

Agreed Hourly Rate

This is the traditional fee structure which means that a lawyer will assess your case and provide a fully flexible option on an hour by hour basis. You will be given information about the likely overall cost of your matter and you will be updated as to these costs as your matter progresses. Hourly rates charged will depend on the level of experience and post qualification accreditations of the particular solicitor or case worker allocated to your case. We will recommend the level of allocation best suited to your case but ultimately the choice is yours to choose which solicitor or case worker you wish to instruct.

Fixed Fee

Fixed fee options are available on some matters. A solicitor will consider your situation and provide you with a fixed fee to cover the legal fees from start to finish. This provides you with cost certainty to reach a particular resolution which maybe suitable in some cases. For some cases we are able to do this in stages of your case, to offer you even more flexibility so you can forecast and manage your costs.

Conditional Fee Agreement

Where we consider your case has a good chance of success your case maybe suitable on a “no win no fee” agreement. Funding your case this way means you won’t have to pay our fees if you lose. If your case is lost we will not be paid for the work we have done and we may be able to obtain what’s called ‘after the event insurance’ for you to cover any risk of paying the opposing side’s fees and other costs. If we win your case, you may have to pay some fees and any insurance premium out of your compensation.  Any such deduction will always be agreed and explained to you in advance. Our solicitors are extremely experienced in funding cases this way and will make sure you understand exactly how it all works before you sign any agreement to proceed.

Self Help

This can be when you instruct us to undertake a particular task in your presence eg the drafting of a statement or application to be filed at Court. In this instance we can arrange for you to pay as you go, and your fee will depend on the time spent with a solicitor or case worker who will be assisting you with the particular task concerned.